Class 1

No Light? No Problem!

This class is for those times when you go out shooting and the light just isn’t cooperating. While it’s always great to practice capturing photos in great light, sometimes we just can’t - and we need a little help from Lightroom and Photoshop to make the photo be everything we imagined it could. In this class you’ll learn some simple techniques to add some sun, flare, and light to your scenes, even when they start out a little flat. 

Class 2

Demystifying the Photoshop Filter Menu 

If you’re the type of person that thinks “If there’s a filter in Photoshop, then it MUST have a purpose”, this class is for you. We’re going to dive in to Photoshop’s Filter menu and take a look at everything that’s there, along with some examples of how most of them can be used. By the end of the class you’ll better understand which ones may help you as a photographer, and which ones not to spend any more time wondering about.


Class 3

Type Tips for Photographers

Whether it’s a watermark, an advertisement, or a social media graphic, adding text to your photos can be a really powerful way to communicate. But nothing can ruin a beautiful photo like adding text that just doesn’t look professional and as elegant as you want your photography to be. In this class we’ll take a closer look at adding type, and some of the key ideas behind making it look professional and easy to read. 

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