Jessica Lark

While always an artist, JLark gravitated towards brushes, and didn’t pick up a camera until a few
years ago. Armed with every cliche faux pas she could have, she shot on the green square,
gave high res images on disk, photographed out of her home with her toddler and newborn in
tote, and generalized in shooting absolutely anything you were willing to pay her for…
However, her artistry spoke for itself, and was soon very potent in the imagery; in her first year
she was declared an emerging photographer of the year by PhotoFocus. Within 2 and a half
years she had wedding clients booking as high as $15,000 employed a full staff with hair
stylists, makeup artists, designers, massage therapists, and a personal assistant; was shooting
for passion in her intimate boudoir and artistic photography, and owned 2 beautiful boutique

She has become a noted speaker, and specializes solely in her niche of intimate portraiture.
She is a published author of the book Artistic Seductions, unlocking the erotic spirit, and Elegant
Boudoir Photography. The host of the Nourish Creativity retreats. Has been featured in
American Photo Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine, and Rangefinder, as well as myriad
of other blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. She has taught at some of the most prestigious expos, and
conferences in the USA, and is a Master Artist at the Arcanum Academy of Artistry and has
worked with more than 100 apprentices from more than 27 countries around the world.
Jessica has an inherent understanding of eroticism and sexuality in the feminine psyche that
is almost second nature and makes the experience of being photographed by her an almost
spiritual, and cathartic experience where her clients are able to shed their defenses, and most of
their clothes to embrace their unique erotic spirit which she charms and invokes from within
them in the safety of her artistic interpretations.
She now is in the process of combining her passion as an authoress and artist in her personal
Ennealogy: The Reliquarian.


Boudoir Class

Jessica will work with models and show you how to create images that your clients can be thrilled with. 

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Fantasy Class

Don you wildest fantasy and step into the creation of fantasy imagery.