Jeffery T. Barnes

Jeffrey T. Barnes is an award winning photographer from Buffalo , New York, the owner of Jeffrey T. Barnes Photography where he specializes in fine art, sports and portrait photography. Currently a freelance photographer for the Associated Press. In 2009 he received the Kodak Gallery Award. In 2010, he won the photographer of the year award for creative excellence in the field of professional photography. In 2011 as a member of the professional photographers of America he earned the degree of Master of photography. An editor for Popular Photographer Magazine described him as showing " remarkable versatility" and " very precise framing, even in fast moving action shots", "with a natural Compositional eye"


Sport Photography

Jeffrey will cover the basic principles of capturing great sports action photography. Topics will focus on camera settings, appropriate lens selections and how to handle different lighting conditions, along with a wide assortment of tips and techniques that will assist you in making your sports photographs stand out

Times Square 15mm fisheye Z7 .jpg