Jacob Stiller


  • Co-owns Creator House Media, a full service projection and media management company providing creative, technical, and digital advertising services to corporations, brands, and content creators.

  • Travel Vloger for his social media at @ventureadicts on Instagram.

Class 1

 How to Edit a Marketing Video from Start to Finish

 Have you ever wanted to see a full workflow of a marketing video being created from start to finish? Jacob is a technical video editor, who works independently, and with directors, producers and story editors to create a wide-range of content for marketing and promotional use. Join Jacob as he starts with a blank canvas to a fully edited video, ready to send to a client. In this class you’ll learn:


  • Premiere Pro Basics

  • A-roll & B-roll

  • Proper organization

  • Royalty free music

  • Sound FX

  • Basic audio editing

  • Basic color grading & LUTs

  • Video and Audio effects


Class 2

 Premiere Pro for Beginners

 In this class, Jacob will cover everything you need to know about Premiere Pro, an industry standard for video editing. Premiere Pro has been used across all skill sets from YouTubers to feature films such as Deadpool and Gone Girl. If you haven’t edited a video before, this class is for you!  This class will focus on:


  • Setting up your workspace

  • Basic editing

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Tools

  • Timelines

  • Sequence Settings

  • Export Settings

  • Video effects

  • Audio effects

  • Keyframing

  • Text and subtitles


Class 3

 Shooting Video for Beginners

 This class will cover how to get the best footage out of your digital camera. Jacob will go over different cameras, camera settings, lenses and many tips and tricks to get you started. Some topics include:


  • Shutter speed

  • Frame Rate

  • Aperture (F-Stop)

  • ISO

  • Types of cameras

  • Types of lenses

  • Color Temperature (White Balance)

  • ND Filters

  • Picture Profiles

  • Focusing

  • Low-Light