Hanson Fong


Hanson Fong of San Francisco, California, is globally recognized as one of the premier portrait and wedding photographers. Hanson has earned the Photographic Degree of Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, recipient of the prestigious Gerhard Bakke award. Hanson is also a member of Canon's elite group of Explorers of Light.

Hanson’s photographic experience and educational credentials are unsurpassed. He has recently become the 7th member in the history of Professional Photographers of America to earn over 1000 merits.

Title of program: Posing and Lighting from the Master

Program Description:

Hanson Fong will entice the attendees with his personal “secrets of the trade” techniques in creating timeless yet fun photography art.

Part of the struggle of a creating a great piece of artwork is posing. He will share his technique from posing one person to a large group of people.

Another struggle in creating a photograph is posing; Hanson’s signature classic 10 poses will be demonstrated. These poses are the foundation to make anybody look stately yet natural.

There are 5 principles of leg movement, the I, S, C, X, and the OX poses. These poses can interchange from a classical look to a fashion look.

You will learn about the five principles of lighting, which will include Natural lighting, LED lighting, Flash lighting, Reflective lighting, and Subtractive Lighting.

Understanding these principles will enable you to handle any given lighting situation.

Understanding the combination of the game of lighting and posing will transform you into a photographic rock star!

Hanson will also teach his attendees how to get the most out your camera gear, how to use different lenses, select backgrounds, and composition of a photograph.

Hanson’s goal is for each attendee to be able to pick up a tip or two and be a better photographer!