Graham Hobart

Graham Hobart has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. He was born in a British colony in Africa and lived in London before moving to Texas 20 years ago.

Graham's commercial work has been featured in books and magazines from the USA to the Russian Federation, making the cover photo on Nikon's flagship publication Nikon World. Graham's wildlife photography was exhibited at the National Geographic gallery in London in 2012-2013, and on the "Wall of Fame" at Nikon's Imaging USA exposition in Atlanta, GA. Recent museums displaying his work are the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC and the Booth Western Art museum in Cartersville, GA. He also travels on a regular basis to lecture and show his work for photography clients/sponsors which include Canson Papers, Hunt Cameras and Nikon USA.  In Africa, Graham contracted with a the Cultural Heritage Art Gallery in Arusha, Tanzania (near Mt Kilimanjaro) to have a number of large pieces of work permanent exhibit.

Class 1

“Finding Your Visual Voice"

Before showing some of his infrared wildlife work which also includes a short film Graham Hobart will take you on a brief visual journey through his early images and show the path that led to where he is today. He will also discuss his thoughts and ideas that will help you develop an individual style. This will enable you to not only stand out and be noticed but more importantly be heard as you develop your own visual voice. This is a much needed topic that comes at a time when mediocre, generic copycat images are all too often the norm.

This lecture is for all ages and levels of expertise. Graham believes that most of us are asking our cameras to merely record what is in front of us in the hopes that it will accurately represent the physical subject matter. Instead we should be asking ourselves how we feel about what is in front of us and what is the truest way to express that feeling (with the camera) so that it will bring meaning to the end viewer. This is not just for fine art photographers but commercial photographers as well because we are increasingly moving into a marketplace of services instead of manufactured products. We have all witnessed the move of the market place to stock photography. Graham Hobart believes that, although we live in a over stimulated world of imagery, there is still room for well crafted images that speak directly to the hearts and minds of a cynical public.

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Master Class

“Photographing African Wildlife"

This class is mainly for experienced photographers who have a fairly good grasp of general photographic principles.

I will approach the topic from the vantage points of:

1). Equipment - What do I take and how do I get it there?
2). Preparation - Is it enough to practice at a zoo?
3). Techniques - A tricky balancing act of quality vs peace-of-mind.
4). Post Production - Making the most of what you have and Developing a style.
5). Display - Choosing a media and finding the right home for your image.
6). Logistics - Visas, vaccines, guides, languages, transportation, currency, etc.