Art Becker

Photographer for the past 36 years and I live in St Petersburg Florida.I’m passionate about
what I do and I want those who see my work to be moved by it.It’s my hope they will
experience what I’ve experienced and “get” what it is I’m trying to say. If I accomplish that,my
career will have been worthwhile.

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Class 1

Architectural Photography “The In’s and Out’s of Interiors and Exteriors”
1)Lighting what use and when to use it.
2)Its all about the set up.
3)Weather and time of day its what makes the difference.
4)Available light your best allie.
5)Lens choice how and what to choose.
6)Working with a finicky clients

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Class 2

Rock&Roll Blues & Jazz “Its all about the image”
1)Surviving the pit
2)You have little or no control but you better deliver
3)Stop looking at the dam LCD screen
4)Stay out of the way
5)Musicians and their egos
6)Who owns the copyrights You do

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Photography is about sharing a moment. Whether its a Architecture or a Rock Star,What can I
capture and share about this Moment? Can the people who see my work connect with this
Singular Moment.
Its that one-to-one communication between creator and viewer that matters.

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