Shiv Verma

Shiv Verma, APSA, MNEC is a published author, photographer, educator and
technologist. He is a member of the Panasonic Lumix Luminary Team, an X-Rite
Coloratti and a Master at the Arcanum. He has been photographing for over 50 years
and has evolved his photography to express his intense devotion to wildlife and
nature. Over the years has earned numerous awards and recognition both nationally
and internationally. Shiv devotes a great deal of his time formally reviewing
photography related products, to education in digital photography and is a speaker
and competition judge. He conducts photo tours and workshops worldwide and
typically has one tour a month.
Shiv’s book Time-Lapse Imagery was published in February 2014. He has been
writing for one of the worlds largest photography education sites “Digital Photography
School” with about 1.5 million subscribers. He is also a co-host on TWiP (This Week
in Photography) a weekly photography podcast that is the 7th largest in the world.
He belongs to multiple photographic clubs and associations and serves as Vice
President of the Digital Circuit NECCC (New England Camera Club Council), a
member of the Professional Photographers Association of America, past General
Chairman of the PSA International (Photographic Society of America), past Chairman
of Nature Division, PSA; Director of the instructional and essay sets, PSA.
Shiv was elected as an Associate of the Photographic Society of America in 2013
and was elected a Master Member of the New England Camera Club Council in


Time Lapse Photography

A time-lapse video essentially compresses time into a smaller space, creating some
exceptional and evocative results.
In theory, time-lapse videos are easy to create – after all you simply take a few
hundred photos, one after another, line them up in a video application and you are
done. Not true, if you want to create a stunning, seamless, flicker free time-lapse
video. There is a lot more involved than setting up a camera and capturing the
With digital cameras we have infinite possibilities to capture time-lapse sequences and
create exceptional video with even the simplest digital point and shoots to DSLR’s. This
session will provide the basics necessary to create time-lapse videos.
We will cover the following topics:
• Equipment
• Camera settings
• Intervalometer settings
• Settings based on the speed of activity
• Creating a quick video using Lightroom
• Creating a video using LR Timelapse


MIRRORLESS - The next generation of photography

This session will focus on Mirrorless cameras, a rapidly growing category and currently
the most enticing and popular cameras available. They are light, compact with a full
compliment of lenses with exceptional photo and video quality makes them very
compelling. You will learn the advantages of using mirrorless cameras. This is also a
unique opportunity to learn the concepts of hybrid photography, capturing stills from 4K
video, 4K Photo modes and a whole lot more. Best of all “Post Focus” and image
stacking will be a highlight.
See how mirrorless cameras can change your photography and spark your creativity.

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Landscape Photogaphy

A detailed program on creating exceptional landscapes.
When we are out and looking at a landscape or seascape we typically let our eyes
wander looking for elements that we find appealing. Though we can see vast scenes,
our brain tends to ignore all but the most appealing - our eyes focus and we absorb
the visual so we can remember the experience. Regretfully, our cameras and lenses are
just tools and have no human brain like capability - we need to train our lenses on the
seen, compose and focus using the best possible light so as to capture a compelling
photograph. Easier said than done. Creating a great landscape requires a lot more
that just being at the place. This program will cover:
• Pre-visualising
• Story telling
• Composition
• Color
• Focusing
• Focus Stacking
• Panoramas